Provinienza: Regno Unito


The a cappella show is the main feature of the Swingle Singers' touring season. Complete with enormous sound, dazzling lights, eye-catching choreography, and the lush harmonies that made the group famous, the show has received wide acclaim as an entertainment extravaganza not to be missed!  



A kaleidoscope of singer-songwriter favourites, tastes of world music, and classic Swingle numbers

Taking the audience on a whirlwind tour, this musical ‘photo album' explores songs of Italy and Spain, the rich folk traditions of Turkey, the passionate tangos of Argentina, and well-known singer-songwriter material from America and the UK. The show also includes Swingle songs featured on the hit TV show "Glee", and the return of some very special "classic Swingle" numbers that fans have been eagerly awaiting. 


Celebrating the best of the Swingle Singers and brand new commissions during their 50th Anniversary year

After half a century, the Swingle Singers are still at the cutting edge of a cappella. With 50 albums, five Grammy Awards, and more than 4000 performances, they're better than ever. Featuring new commissions, guest appearances by old members, and lots of surprises, the Swingle Singers invite you to celebrate this landmark year with them!


Blistering beatbox meets a cappella brilliance; a fairytale combination

As a special bonus to the Swingles' exciting a cappella show, this programme features guest appearances by some of the world's best beatboxers and vocal percussionists. The music includes selections from the last two albums, "Ferris Wheels" and the aptly named "Beauty and the Beatbox". A perfect balance of lush vocals and street beats.

A timeless programme of classical and 'classic' music with a Swingle twist

For the purist Swingle Singers fans, this timeless programme of classical music ranges from Baroque (J.S.Bach) to Romantic (Debussy) to contemporary (Eric Whitacre). As a perfect compliment, the show includes classic pop songs from the Beatles and Joni Mitchell, and some traditional world music for a bit of added flavour.

A festive celebration like you've never heard before!

This programme is a festive mix of jazzed-up holiday favourites and music from their latest album, "Ferris Wheels".

Whilst best known for their a cappella legacy, the Swingle Singers have worked with some of the world's best orchestras and other instrumental ensembles since the very beginning. It's one of the reasons why the group has been able to sustain itself for over four decades, having become firmly established as one of the most versatile and in-demand vocal ensembles in the world.


This programme is the instrumental counterpart to the Swingles' a cappella show "Ferris Wheels", featuring grand orchestral versions of popular and classical favourites such as Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" and Mozart's "Magic Flute Overture".

This show-stopping collection of popular Christmas songs was first toured in 2009 with the world-renowned Boston Pops. A festive feast for the whole family!

> FOR A LIST OF LIGHT ORCHESTRAL PIECES CURRENTLY IN REPERTOIRE, please contact our UK agent on the bookings page.


Over the years the Swingle Singers have had the privilege of working with some extraordinary contemporary composers. From modern opera to complex art music, the group's own musical boundaries have been expanded greatly.  Most recently the Swingles performed Azio Corghi's Oedipal opera "Giocasta" and Pascal Zavarro's beautiful "La Traversée". Combined with complimentary selections from the a cappella show, this programme provides a rich musical experience. 


The Swingle Singers began their collaboration with the late Luciano Berio when, with the group in mind, he wrote his masterwork Sinfonia. The piece was premiered in 1969, with the Swingles backed by the New York Philharmonic under the baton of Leonard Bernstein. Throughout his career, Berio returned several times to the group as an inspirational source for his compositions.


Sinfonia has been performed by the Swingle Singers over 200 times, and is still an important part of their programme offerings.



Educational events are an important part of the Swingle Singers' work. Whether the singers are working with amateur choirs, college ensembles, or established a cappella groups, these events are both informative and fun!

The Swingles' Education Team works closely with the music director of a group prior to the event, and will always try to tailor the content to suit the group's specific needs. There are four general types of events offered:


Specially designed to work in conjunction with our 2011 American tours, but suitable for all choirs from all countries!  If you know and love the TV series "Glee", you'll know that the pilot episode is loaded with excerpts from Swingles tracks.  Now we'd like to take that music directly to you and your choir!  READ MORE | DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Format: Afternoon workshop including detailed rehearsal on three Swingle arrangements from the TV series (prepared in advance), followed by an evening concert where your choir will sing on stage with the Swingles! 
Target audience: experienced singers, medium to high skill level.


An opportunity for a choir or smaller vocal group to learn a Swingles arrangement and perform it with the Swingle Singers in concert! This can also work in conjunction with a Masterclass (see below).

Format: 1-hour rehearsal prior to concert. Ensemble will be given sheet music in the weeks prior to concert date.
Target audience: experienced singers, medium to high skill level.


An intensive session with a choir or smaller vocal ensemble.

Format: working specifically on the ensemble's own repertoire.
Target audience: experienced singers, all skill levels.


An intensive and interactive session with a small number of singers, students or music enthusiasts.

Format: teaching various vocal techniques including ensemble singing, vocal percussion, and improvisation.
Target audience: experienced singers and non-singers alike.


A behind-the-scenes peek at how the Swingle Singers do what they do! Set up in an informal concert setting, the group facilitates an interactive panel discussion to give insight into their arrangements, vocal techniques, and signature sound that is at the core of "Swingle singing".

Format: talk, Q&A and short performance.
Target audience: general audience, but ideal for students and educators.